Audio Chant -- Coming in December

Six characters live together in an abandoned monastery. When they arrived, they found an old cloak and a book of chants gathering dust in a corner. They leave the interpretation of the musical notes to one character, chosen yearly, at random, at a festival. Those interpretations guide the organization of their social group. The novella begins with the festival and the selection of an newly arrived character, just rescued from a near drowning. The newcomer’s interpretations follow a different path. Instead of melody, he argues for harmony and love.

Chant, by Rick Henry

Produced by Rick Henry

Nils Klykken, Music Director

Robert Zolner, Recording Engineer

Julia Viviano, flute

Alex Mariano, guitar

Kelley Jayne DiPasquale, Recording Engineer / Vocal tracks

Aubrey Slaterpryce, A

Jack White, B

Colleen T. Twomey-Mulvey, C

Alexander Kodama, D

Sophia Morelli, E

Dylan J. Martinsen, F

Kelley Jayne DiPasquale, G

Originally published in text form by BlazeVox Books, 2008