Black Swamp Paradise (stories)


Black Swamp

4 Wigglies  (the Acorn)

21 A Day in Waiting  (Sou'wester)

31 How My Father Won The West And Became A Mormon In The Same Day  (Salthouse)

42 Another Story about Hippos  (Air Fish: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction)

46 Man in the Crawlspace

50 Harry's Glide

60 Toads  (Vermont Literary Review)

67 Lobsters


76 "How two rutabaga heads did open their eyes wide, an act which allowed a particle of dirt to enter" 

96 By the River of Sacred Cows  (The Pikeville Review)

109 The Second Meeting of the Fiscally Responsible Against Undue Decoration Society

117 Fingerlings  (Raconteur)

129 Skunked

134 My Middle Toe

147 Phenomena  (Gambit)

153 Buckets of Sand  (Pacific Review)

157 Blacque Jacques Le Muet  (Prairie Winds)