1790 Increase's first Census Entry

May 5, 1790

Halloway Farm

Two brood sows (Reds)

Sixteen piglets

One milk cow (Shorthorn)

Two horses (one plow -- Belgian, one carriage -- Galloway)

One rooster (Redcap)

Fifteen hens (Redcap)


Assorted cats

John Halloway (age 43)

Susan Halloway (age 38)

Daughters Anne (16), Molly (12), Abigail (6)

Sons Samuel (15), William (11)

(Richard and Charles, left home; John and Joseph, deceased)

Halloway Farm

Addendum: Anne Halloway is a sassy young thing.

Halloway Farm

Main house: porch, kitchen, two rooms with beds; upstairs three rooms with beds

Barn: five stalls, hayloft still has a month's worth of hay

Chicken house

Pig sty


Richard Henry