1790 Increase's eleventh Census Entry

According to Ivy

Uriah Savage. Wife, Ellen. Six children, better left unnamed. Gideon Savage, brother, next to Uriah. Both in the war. Gideon was a Surgeon's mate. Charged with negligence after killing several men sick from their wounds. Ellen was a wild child.

Eight pregnancies all told.

Ellen's brother Haniniah. Never married. Isaac Hall renting a room from him. Isaac too young for the war, but his father wasn't too old and was wounded in the back. Reported dead. Mother married a British soldier and moved to Saugerties. The soldier affected a Virginia accent and....

Tennants. Notts. Kelloggs. Butlers. Marshs. Moses Willard taken prisoner.

Caleb Blair down on the river road by the livery. He was a farrier charged with lack of shoeing and the laming of an officer's horse.

Hubbards. Fowlers. Brothers marrying sisters.

Branards. Kanes. Roots. Small pox. Beriberi. Typhoid.

Deserters all. Moses White pleaded that he had no shoes so he couldn't march. Benjamin White pleaded that his pigs had gotten into his grain. Samuel White pleaded that his wife had just begun labor and was calling out. Court-martialed all.

Fannings all. Quakers.

The Stuarts are upstanding.

Richard Henry