Elizabeth Utterback, 1900-1966, a teacher, poet, and novelist, has left a considerable number of papers. Her papers have, among them, multiple copies of the nearly one-hundred-and-fifty poems, copies ranging from hand-written drafts, typescripts, and in print in literary journals, as well as her novel The End of Summer.


The intern will assist in

  • Completing the inventory;

  • Selecting which copy of each poem will serve as the 'copy-text';

  • Transcribing each poem;

  • Selecting which poems will be included in a book-length manuscript (64-88 pages);

  • Designing and layout of the basic text of the manuscript; and

  • Proofing for clean copy.


Compensation: None

Time: 80 hours

Intern reports to site supervisor and will be in contact working directly with him approximately 60% of the time.


Position Qualifications

Organizational skills

Research skills

Writing skills

Interpersonal communication skills

Critical and creative thinking skills